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Redefine Your Workout at Lisbon Strong - Portugal's Best Outdoor Performance Gym

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We are not your normal gym.  We are a gym for serious performance, goal-driven individuals. We have a bespoke outdoor rig, as well as equipment you will see nowhere else in Portugal.


Movable Squat & Bench Rack

Lisbon Strong's outdoor gym offers a versatile Movable Squat & Bench Rack, perfect for strength training and weightlifting. With adjustable positions, it enables you to perform a variety of exercises including squats, bench press, and more. Ideal for personal training or group classes, the movable design allows for easy storage and repositioning for a dynamic outdoor workout experience.

Sand Bags

Lisbon Strong's outdoor gym features durable Sand Bags for functional fitness and strength training. Perfect for adding resistance to bodyweight exercises, weightlifting, and cardio workouts, sand bags provide a challenging element to your fitness routine. Incorporate them into your personal training to maximize their benefits and reach your fitness goals.

Monkey Bar

Lisbon Strong's exclusive outdoor gym offers a challenging Monkey Bar for a full-body workout. Perfect for building upper body strength and improving agility, the Monkey Bar is ideal for personal training, offering endless possibilities for high-intensity training and functional fitness. Test your agility and upper body strength with various hanging and swinging exercises.

Seal Row Bench

Lisbon Strong's outdoor gym features a Seal Row Bench, perfect for improving upper body strength and targeting back muscles. The Seal Row Bench is a versatile piece of fitness equipment, suitable for weightlifting and strength training. Incorporate it into your workout routine for a challenging and effective outdoor workout experience.

Farmers Walk Bars

Lisbon Strong's Farmers Walk Bar offers a unique outdoor workout experience. Test your strength and build muscle tone with this functional training tool. Ideal for high-intensity workouts and strength and conditioning.

Power Sled

Lisbon Strong's exclusive outdoor gym features a powerful Power Sled for high-intensity training and functional fitness. Ideal for strength and muscle building, this equipment adds a challenging element to your cardio workouts, weightlifting, and bodyweight exercises. Join a group training class or incorporate it into your personal training program for optimal results.


The Boxsack, perfect for high-intensity training and strength building. Whether you're working on your cardio or muscle tone, our Boxsack will provide a challenging workout.

Weight Plates

Lisbon Strong is equipped with a variety of weight plates for strength and muscle building. Our weight plates range from lightweight to heavy, allowing for customization in your functional training and weightlifting exercises. Improve your strength and conditioning, and achieve your body transformation goals with our versatile weight plates. Join our exclusive outdoor gym and take advantage of our extensive equipment for your outdoor workout routine.

Lift and Bench Bars

At Lisbon Strong, our outdoor gym is equipped with a range of lift and bench bars for a variety of exercises. From Olympic bars for weightlifting to smaller bars for bodyweight exercises, we have the tools to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you're looking to build muscle, improve strength, or engage in functional fitness, our lift and bench bars will provide a challenging and effective workout.


Lisbon Strong's outdoor gym offers a wide range of dumbbells for strength training and muscle building. Our dumbbells range in weight, allowing for customization and progression in your workouts. Incorporate dumbbells into your fitness routine for a full-body workout that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Rowing Machine

High-quality Rowing Machine for cardio workouts and full-body training. Improve your endurance, increase muscle tone, and reach your fitness goals with our rowing machine. Our equipment is designed for functional fitness, strength training, and bootcamp workouts, providing a versatile and challenging workout for all fitness levels.

And much more

We offer a wide range of other strength training and functional fitness equipment, including a shoulder press and other essential accessories, providing additional opportunities for full-body workouts. Whether you're looking to engage in weightlifting, muscle building, or functional training, our equipment will provide a challenging and effective workout.

Our team of personal trainers

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